Project Management

Small business owners have their hands full with day-to-day operations. So when a project  comes up that they just don’t have time to manage, it can really put the owner in a bind. 

With my past experience of managing multiple projects, vendors, deadlines and staff as well  as a budget, I can tackle your project and see it to a successful completion. 

The key to finishing a project well is effective communication. Ensuring all of the pieces and  the right players are on target is my jam. And exceeding your expectations is my top priority.


Small Business Support

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Owning a small business means having a hand in every aspect of operating a business. You may be an expert in your field, but may face challenges when it comes to the administrative tasks of running a business. We will work with you to streamline business operation with simple process improvements. When your business has established systems that work well for you, business operates more efficiently which affects your bottom line.


Home & Home Office Organizing

With full work and family schedules, keeping a home organized can be a challenge. Whether you are relocating and need to prep for a move or you need to declutter your space, will work together to develop systems and tools to keep you and your family organized.

Home Office

Consulting Services


With Administrative systems in place, your time, finances and energy as a business owner will  be optimized within your business. And you, as the business owner will certainly sleep better at night and enjoy a less stressed work day. 


Working with small business owners to streamline business operation with my “Roadmap to Success" model: 

• Asses: Initial meeting with business owner to gain comprehensive overview of the  company 

• Target: Drill down into strengths, weaknesses, internal & external areas of opportunity and threats  

• Design: Matching strengths to opportunities, convert weaknesses into strengths, mitigate threats, design a roadmap with actionable steps within a specific timeline.

• Implement: Using the roadmap, assign actionable steps for each item identified with an appropriate timeframe and accountability with follow up calls/meetings.