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Gretchen Moran

Jesus Girl~Wife~Mother~Organizer

Hi, I'm Gretchen Moran. I'm a wife, a mom, “Gigi” to my grandson and a master organizer. My family and I have lived in Holt, Missouri for 12 years. I am a native Kansas City Northlander and love having our family all nearby.

In April 2018, my corporate job was downsized and my position as an executive assistant was eliminated. After 25 years in an administrative support role, it was time for a change. So in May 2018, I said goodbye to corporate and said hello to the entrepreneur world.

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Gretchen Headshots-7928_edited.jpg

As my business has continued to grow as a professional organizer, I have reached out into the community over the last three years and I have seen a great need to serve families and small business owners. Whether a solopreneur working from home or a business owner working in a  brick and mortar office with staff, business owners wear all the hats. With constant pressure of operating a business, it leaves many owners feeling stressed and overwhelmed with little time to envision the future growth of their company.


My passion is to help individuals and families clear out the clutter that weighs them down. It’s truly been a blessing to help businesses and families find more peace, joy and success in their lives by making order out of their chaos.

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