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Maintenance Sessions

Simply Living offers routine organizing sessions for our clients to help maintain a tidy and orderly space. 

Home organization maintenance sessions are for clients who have already worked with us to organize most or all of their homes/offices, and may require additional support maintaining their new organizing systems.

Our maintenance plan is designed to help you stay on top of your organization projects. We understand that life gets busy and you may prefer to have a professional visit on a regular basis to keep things looking great around your home or office.

Contact us to schedule your maintenance program.

Monthly Maintenance 

Once we have worked to organize your space, we can schedule monthly maintenance to keep your space neat and tidy.


Seasonal Work

You can utilize maintenance sessions to handle your seasonal work for:

  • Compiling documents for tax season

  • Creating new filing systems for the new tax season 

  • Take down and pack away holiday decorations 

  • Event planning for holiday parties


New Project Opportunities

We can re-evaluate problem areas to create customized solutions for any new area in your home or office. Our mission is to help all of our clients in bringing order to all of their living and working spaces. 

Let's Work Together

With a monthly, semi-monthly or quarterly maintenance plan, we can customize a plan that best suits your organizational needs.

*Package must be paid in full prior to engagement and is non-refundable.

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