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Control The Clutter

To say that our world is in a constant state of stress and chaos is an understatement. Oftentimes we feel out of control because our world is out of control. We feel helpless. How easy it can be to drift from feeling helpless, to hopeless while slowly winding down a weary emotional path and before you realize, you find yourself in a very dark place spinning out of control.

I have seen this happen over and over with the clients that I work with. Some drastic life-change event strikes and the fall-out that happens often hits at home. Chores that once were done like clockwork, start to fall to the wayside. The need for order and tidiness become irrelevant. A bedroom or office becomes a dumping ground for items too emotionally difficult to manage. Soon enough, the emotional weight of the clutter becomes too heavy of a burden to bear and you may eventually reach out for help.

You may be in that very season of life right now feeling completely overwhelmed. The very thought of sorting through a pile of papers or a cluttered office makes your heart pound. Life may be just too heavy to deal with the mundane of keeping a tidy home. But you know that in order to feel better, you have to DO better.

You are not alone, my friend. Have hope today that there is a way out and there are small steps you can make to regain control of the clutter around you. First, understanding that a shift in your mindset is crucial before beginning any change you are setting out to accomplish. To help open your heart and mind to making the practical steps of creating order in your life, it will be helpful to see the benefits.

There are several benefits to controlling the clutter in your life. After reading this list, you will most likely find at least one that resonates with you.

  • Save time. You will spend less time looking when every item has a ”home”.

  • Save money. You will spend less money by decreasing purchases of items you already.

  • Save sanity. You will spend less emotional labor with family when everyone can access their things easily, participate in putting away their things, and help maintain your organizational methods.

  • Save emotional space. You will experience closure by purging items no longer needed, or that hold emotional weightiness.

  • Decrease stress. You will experience freedom from stress in a home that is free of clutter.

  • Increase control. You will be able to maximize space potential with simple organizational systems to help get and stay organized.

As you allow your mind to imagine the possibilities, it is quite remarkable how your heart will follow with the desire to begin to make changes. Step by step, with each area of your home you begin to tackle, you will feel the weight of it all begin to lift. You will breathe more easily. You will sleep more soundly. You will feel more at peace and experience more joy knowing you are making a difference right in your very own home.

Even though the world is full of chaos, your home should be the one place that is your sanctuary. Your safe place. Your place of peace, rest and renewal to allow you time to recharge every day so that you can go out the next day and be your very best.

Photo by Svitlana on Unsplash

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