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Finding Peace in the Mess

Updated: May 17, 2023

I recently heard someone say that behind a messy room is an organized mind. I suppose that could be true for some people, but I would not say that would be indicative for the clients that I have worked with. I would say that a messy room can be more indicative of some area of stress in their life and keeping a tidy room has not been a priority.

In my work over the last five years as a professional organizer, my clients have come from all walks of life. Married, divorced, young moms, widows, families with kids and empty nesters. Business professionals, CEOs, entrepreneurs and stay-at-home moms. What I have found is that they all have a common thread. The stress of life had gotten the best of them, and they each needed help in creating more order in their lives so they can function and feel more at peace.

Living here in the Northland of Kansas City, in the middle of the Midwest, for most, I would guess that life is pretty good. You have a good job, you provide for your family, your kids are in sports, and you enjoy spending time with family and friends. Until one day, it’s not so good. A divorce, the loss of a parent, a chronically ill spouse or you decide to downsize your home after the kids move on to college. All these situations could cause stress if you don’t have a plan, or you don’t have someone to turn to for help.

I have helped families in a wide array of situations. Helping a client sort through a storage room, deciding to keep or donate or give to her now ex-husband. Sitting with a mom on her garage floor, going through her son’s school papers and summer camp projects who lost his battle with cancer. Decluttering a 5000 square foot house preparing for a downsize after the kids grew up and moved out. All carrying emotional ties to their stuff. It’s hard. And they didn’t go through it alone.

Maybe this is your story. Or your best friend’s story. It was my story too. The beautiful part is that you aren’t alone, and you can be brave and invite a trusted friend into your messy life. Share your story. I promise, you will find healing from the stress, feel a little more at peace which will help you get through this chapter of your life with your head held high.

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