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Engage with Purpose

One look at this picture and instantly my heart rate goes through the roof! Does yours? All of the notifications. The dings. The calls. Buzzes. The snaps. All screaming for your attention. All. The. Time.

In my quiet time this week, I’ve been reflecting on how much time I’m really spending on my devices. Not business time, but personal time.

When I have a few minutes to spare, I pick up my phone, check notifications and respond to any that are important. When my phone rings, I find myself rushing to see who it is.

There have been numerous studies done on how our brains respond to these notifications and it literally becomes a drug to us. It’s crazy to me that we as a society have become dependent on technology in such an emotional way.

To curb my own addictions to the socials, I’m deciding to engage with purpose. To be on to do my thing and then be off. To be encouraging. Uplifting. Inspiring.

So the next time you pick up your phone, tablet or other fancy device, think about how you are impacting the world on the webs. As well as your impact on those around you who are vying for your attention sitting right next to you.

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