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Organizing Pro Tip

Do you have that space in your home that mysteriously attracts piles of randomness and is a constant struggle to keep organized and tidy? I have a simple formula for you to demystify the art of maintaining a tidy space.

1. Start by creating space for four piles or use bins / boxes:

a. Keep

b. Trash

c. Recycle

d. Donate / Sell

2. Begin on one side of the room working your way around the room by sorting through each item and quickly decide if it is to keep, trash/recycle, sell or donate.

3. When you have completed the sorting, immediately remove all items not staying in the room. Re-home any items in your Keep bin that do not belong in the room.

4. Lastly, organize all items remaining in the room so everything has a specific “home”.

The key to maintaining an organized space is to ensure every item has a “home”. Whether on a shelf, in a drawer, closet or bin, your stuff is more likely to be returned properly when it has a specific place. Happy organizing!

Be sure to come back to check out more of my Organizing Pro Tips!

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