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Start a business? What?

It's the end of another year. 2021 is on it's way out and 2022 will soon have a story of its own. As I prepare for what lies ahead in the new year, I'm also reflecting upon what this last year has taught me. Not only last year, but the last few years and how I ended up where I am today.

Most of you reading this do not know my story and how it is that my meager beginnings of a business came to be. So I thought it timely to share the past as I look forward for what lies ahead. So here goes...

Since the early 2000's, I have worked in various administrative roles in law, manufacturing, design, accounting, health care, utilities, and then lastly, oil & gas. I had worked my way up in the levels of admin support to the top levels of executive assistant. I had spent my entire career organizing people, offices, files, inventory, schedules, travel, meetings and conferences. Ensuring my execs were where they were supposed to be with whatever materials I had prepared for them. Communicating with every level of staff all the way up to company CEO's and state officials. I was at the top of my game. Well, at least the top of my pay scale.

In 2018, my world changed with a phone call. I was planning to go in late to work one day in March because I was having work done on my car. I received a phone call from our company CFO. Let it be known, she had never called me at home before. She proceeded to tell me that the company was restructuring and my position would no longer be needed. I could take the rest of the day off and return the next day to find out more details of my upcoming departure.

Talk about a blow to the heart. I wasn't sure if I was sad or happy. Worried or ecstatic. Up until that time, I had dabbled in a few side hustles in the health and wellness field. The thoughts of taking that full-time had always excited me. Dreams of being home more with my then sixth grade daughter. Meeting friends for long lunch dates. Working from home on my own time. And more importantly - no more rush hour traffic commuting!

After a few days of prayer, tears, conversations with God, my husband and several trusted friends, a divine revelation was given to me early one morning. I was to start a business helping people organize their lives and their homes. This revelation showed me the name of my business, the aqua color I was to use and a vision for my purpose and calling.

I know. It seems like a lot. A little woo-woo. I get it. I thought it was too. Like a dream, really. So I knew had to get some clarity from people I trusted. I spoke with a man at church who was older and wiser than me. He had also started a business later in his life as a counselor. He gave me some very wise counsel which I took as affirmation for what God had revealed to me. The more conversations I had with friends, the more I began to see that this business idea really could work.

April 30, 2018 was my last day as an employee. May 1st would be my first day as an entrepreneur. Talk about a faith walk! The ups and downs of owning and operating a solopreneur business is no joke. No reliance upon a steady paycheck or a steady stream of new clients.

Navigating the waters these past three and half years have been amazing! The people that God has placed on my path along the way have helped to shape and mold me. I truly feel that each day I am becoming more and more of the person God had planned for me to become.

The journey has been challenging but so worth it. I am thankful each day that I get to wake up and be the light in someone's day. I have opportunities to change a life, even if it's just clearing out a garage to fit the car in. Or clear out the clutter in the basement to make room for Grandpa to move in. And sometimes, I get to help a mom sort through all of her son's belongings after he has long passed from his fight with cancer.

No longer are the days that I'm scheduling meetings for someone else. No longer are the days that I'm stuck in downtown traffic fighting the clock. Now, I get to change lives. I get to be a light in someone's day that is seeking hope for a less-cluttered home or a less-cluttered life. In this season of my life, I get to do what God has called me to do. Helping to change one life at a time.

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